Enhancing Property Management

Once you understand the economics and time value of professional commercial property management, your income stream becomes more stable and your life becomes less challenged. In the commercial property management world, there must be a culture of dedication in order for a property to thrive financially.   Certain practices and procedures need to be implemented based on Owner’s goals then tailored to each location.  Most Owners who purchase properties solely for investment purposes are unaware of these means.  The fact is, there is so much more involved when managing commercial properties than simply collecting rent, paying a few bills, and watching the calendar for renewals.

McLain Commercial Real Estate was established over thirty (30) years ago and is highly knowledgeable in all facets of commercial real estate.  Furthermore, our team of experienced property managers enables the firm to offer first — class, professional property management.  Both Roy Hanlin, CPM, CCIM, RPA, CSM, LEED AP, and Melissa Patch have proficiently served our clients for over ten (10) years with focus on asset management from both an operating and financial standpoint.   

Roy Hanlin remains with the firm but is transitioning to the role of consultant and broker with Melissa Patch remaining in property management.

Now leading the effort in this office is Gabrielle Keel, CPM, who brings great talent, experience, and knowledge to the position.  Gabrielle is an eighteen – year veteran of commercial property management with her experience obtain in major metropolitan areas nationwide. She holds a Bachelor of Science from the University of Alabama in Huntsville and obtained the Certified Property Manager (CPM) designation from the Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM).    She served on the Executive Board of Directors for the IREM Alabama Chapter 43 for four (4) years and in 2012, Gabrielle received the Certified Property Manager of the Year award. She currently serves on the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) Board of Directors.

Gabrielle has managed portfolios of properties of up to 1,400,000 square feet, and is highly skilled in interacting with owners and tenants, preparing and reconciling budgets, as well as  managing capital expense projects. We welcome Gabrielle.

We invite you to understand our program and how it can greatly benefit you, your income stream, and your time. It takes a certain orientation toward life to be a superior, commercial property   manager.  Gabrielle, Melissa, and Roy have those skill sets. Do not hesitate to contact us to see what we can do for you.