There are three (3) basic rules at Coldwell Banker Commercial McLain Real Estate that govern how we work, how we interact with you, how we interact with each other, and how we interact with the world.

  1. Because this is a business and not a club, the first rule is that we are economically successful. Our economic success means that we can operate and function for you at a high and professional level, with the resources, the education, the networking, the stamina, and the position to be successful as we work for and with you.
  2. The second rule recognizes that life is short, so we seek to enjoy what we do. We work hard and we play hard, and this approach means that we are anxious to come to work in the morning, ready to be successful for you and for ourselves.
  3. The third rule governs the first two and all that we do, and that is that we must always maintain our integrity. We are vigilant in our professional and honest approach to our business and activity. Our reputation is one of credibility, fairness, and respect, and we constantly monitor those values.

The late Gene McLain formed this company in 1974 following a respectful political career and successful law practice. Gene McLain lived and embodied the values discussed above and many others, and he nearly single – handedly kick – started the commercial real estate business in Huntsville, Alabama, to a new and modern level in the 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s. Responsible for most of the commercial sales in the market in those years, Gene McLain was a highly respected citizen, a thoughtful political thinker and strategist, and a loyal and devoted friend and family man. Gene McLain died quietly in 2001.

Scott McLain, CCIM, joined his late father in the business in 1984 following a similar career track in law. A graduate of Duke University, Cumberland School of Law, and the Harvard Graduate School of Design Advanced Management Development Program (AMDP), Scott McLain leads the company with a similar approach, similar values, and similar vigor.

Brokers, managers, and support people at Coldwell Banker Commercial McLain Real Estate tend to be associated for a long time, reflecting the opportunities, the value, and the camaraderie of the working environment. All participate in strategy and visioning for the company and all take a personal responsibility and position in its future.

The operational philosophy of the company is to be the best in the market, to know as much as possible about the market, to understand and to listen to clients and customers the best and most thoroughly, and to deliver the highest and finest level of service so that customers and clients will maintain a long term relationship of friendship and trust. We strive for those standards through continuous education, networking, research, and hard work, combined with a balance that respects life and all of us. Coldwell Banker Commercial McLain Real Estate is a full – service company of fine people doing fine work, for you.